NORC TAKT db SAE 15W-50 is effectively prevents against sludge development, wear and corrosion. Furthermore,
it has a low evaporation loss base oils and good compatibility with seals, which clearly reduce oil consumption. It is
developed to fulfill and / or exceed the performance requirements of ACEA A3/B4, and it is suitable for use in benzin
and diesel engines, both turbo-charged and non-turbo charged.



NORC TAKT db SAE 15W-50 is a high performance multi-grade engine oil. It is intended
for use in modern cars engines under any operating conditions, and it is preferred for use in Southern European Countries. NORC TAKT db SAE 15W-50 is precisely engineered though a combination of high quality semi synthetic
base oils, and state of the art additive technology, to provide an outstanding performance and protection

  • Low oil & fuel consumptions properties.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Excellent engine protection under all driving conditions.
  • Prolong engine life.
  • Good dispersant and detergent properties.
  • Improve engine performance and efficiency.
  • Improve protection against sludge, corrosion, and friction.
  • Smooth engine running.
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