We are Nano Oil Refining Company “NORC” GmbH. A German based limited-liability Company that was incorporated in 2014 in Hamburg – Germany, to be one of the most leading brands in the field of oil & petrochemicals. We may be new to you, but we are really not.

Innovative maintenance solutions

We research, develop, make and market a wide range of NORC lubricants, service fluids, additives, greases, maintenance sprays for the automotive, marine and industrial sectors, including NORC specialty products and maintenance solutions.

Quality control system

Our products / solutions is entirely made in Germany to exacting quality standards. Our know-how, expertise & stringent quality control system guarantee NORC items to not only exceed established standards, but also ensure superior protection and / or performance.

Our advanced and stringent quality control production system & state of the art research and development facilities, made every produced item carrying the brand name NORC meet and / or exceed international quality standards such as those set by API, ACEA, ASTM, BS, JASO, ILSAC, ISO and others.

Our highly experienced and trained team at Nano Oil Refining Company guarantees quality & performance consistency, as well as ensures that our products / solutions comply with the service requirements of the world’s leading manufacturers & OEMs.

NORC products mirror the heritage of our research & development expertise, and the insights we have gained from our presence in the market. We also believe that our understanding of the demands of the World market is second to none, thanks to the breadth of experience & depth of knowledge of our key people. The fact that we have already become one of the primary suppliers to several clients around the globe is a proof of the superiority of NORC products.